It’s checkup time!

GSF follows with attention the development of the most innovative technologies in the field of thermal analysis of solar panels and has already implemented a series of tests with the drone Esamotore ITA Y6 on its plants, of which 100 with technology to trackers and other 20 fixed. The use of the drones makes it possible to improve substantially the performance of the photovoltaic systems, allowing the first intervention in particular on the large plants for which the manual detection of possible anomalies involves long and poor times Accuracy.
Among the main advantages deriving from the ultrasound detection with drones are: the possibility to reduce to a single day the examination of a photovoltaic field with power up to 5 MW; The remarkable accuracy of the data collected thanks to the tilting camera relative to the panel; The coverage of sites also very extensive on the surface and with portions of plant difficult to reach; A greater degree of safety for operators where intervention is required in areas of difficult accessibility.