Communication actions

60 liters of oil obtained from olives grown and ripened in the sun of Puglia on trees that surround our photovoltaic parks. The collection and processing took place following the most traditional milling and decanting techniques, a tribute that GSF distributed to employees in a simple and essential package, in line with the brand. The project is part of a wider circle of actions that the company is making. This project includes the restructuring of the Brindisi and Rome offices. In Brindisi, inside a historic building, particular attention has been paid to the terrace overlooking Viale Regina Margherita, where you can watch the sun setting behind the sailor’s monument. The location, available free of charge for cultural events, has recently been the subject of attention by institutions and associations and protagonists of careful restoration and furniture.
The GSF oil bottles, the terrace, the commitment and the contribution actions thus become a means of communication towards our stakeholders to spread the identity of the brand on the one hand and on the other to express ethics and respect for the territory and the lands that host us.