The sun is the core of our system.

GSF Management and GSF Engineering are the backbone of Global Solar Fund. The two service companies, administrative and technical respectively, operate for the SPVs owner of the photovoltaic plants.

Sustainability is an integral part of our mission.

Renewable energy is the solution that combines industrial production people’s well-being. Our energy production in 2022 contributes to a CO2 reduction of around 124,000 tonnes per year.

The highest standards for continuous improvement.

All our companies are certified according to ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015.
The Antitrust Authority has recogninzed the Rating of Legality with a two-star score and a plus to GSF Management and with two stars and two pluses to GSF Engineering.

Our History.

Establishment of a fund of about 300 million euros to invest in the development of photovoltaic plants.

2009 / 2010

The acquisition phase of the already-authorized projects ends and it begins the construction of 180 plants for 141 MW of installed power capacity.

Operations & Maintenance

With the establishment of Global Solar Fund Engineering Italy S.r.l. the company sets the Asset Operations & Maintenance business activities.

Continuous Improvement

Today, thanks to a constant commitment over time, we manage 176 plants with a total installed capacity of 144 MW and a generation of 240 GWh in 2022.

Global Solar Fund
Transparency and trust

In Apulia, one of the leading Italian regions in the field of renewable energies, GSF supports a development model focused on long-term investments for the maintenance, management, efficiency, and safety of the plants.

Our Management Team

Management Team

Rome - Brindisi

2 companies. 32 workers. 4 managers. 15 employees. 13 O&M operators.

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Fundamental values: critical spirit, ethics, intellectual honesty

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