Constant attention for the workers

recognizing the importance and guaranteeing the well-being of our workers is one of the pillars of the path taken from 2013 to today. Therefore, with a view to constantly increasing corporate welfare, I am pleased to announce the signing, with effect from 1 April 2018, of an insurance policy against the risk of non self-sufficiency / LTC (Long Term Care).
This policy guarantees the employees of GSF Management Italy S.r.l. against the risk of accident or serious illness and guarantees a monthly lump-sum payment of € 2,000.00, from the date of assessment and for the entire duration of non self-sufficiency.
Attached to the general insurance conditions of the LTC policy signed with Harmonie Mutuelle Italia.
Thanking you for your precious cooperation, I wish you good work "
Giuseppe Tammaro

After the health insurance stipulated previously, with this email our CEO has communicated to all employees the stipulation of an LTC insurance.
The Long Term Care Policy (L.T.C.) is a particular insurance formula that is not widely used in Italy, but certainly one of the most interesting. Stipulated against the risk of loss of self-sufficiency, understood as the ability to perform autonomously the main daily actions such as washing, moving and dressing, basically guarantees the provision of a life annuity in the event that the insured is found in physical impossibility , from any cause originated (accident or illness), to perform elementary actions of daily life.
A real economic support for life, thanks to the payment of a monthly income.