Global Solar Fund Gets the legality Rating: commitment to proper business management

The competition Authority and the market recognizes the “stars” of legality to two companies in charge of the Global Solar Fund: GSF Management and GSF Engineering.

The antitrust, the independent authority that supervises the protection of the market’s competitive structure, has recognized global Solar fund Management and global Solar Fund Engineering, a company controlled by the Global Solar Fund Group (GSF), to award the of legality. According to the statements made and following the evaluations made, the authority has attributed to GSF Management-the company that manages the administration, finance and control of the entire group,-the score of two stars and a more and to GSF Engineering-which Manages the technical maintenance of photovoltaic systems-two stars and two more.

The legality Rating, introduced in 2012, is attributed to companies that voluntarily request it. It is aimed at promoting and introducing principles of ethical conduct in the business sector through the awarding of a recognition-measured in “stars”-indicative of the respect of legality by companies and, more generally, of the degree of Attention placed in the proper management of your business.

There are several requirements that have allowed the two companies to obtain the Rating, among them: the adoption of an organizational structure conforming to the model 231/2001 and processes in line both with Corporate Social responsibility and with organizational models of Prevention and contrast of corruption.

“The legality, as well as an” ethical “assumption to start and manage a company, is a real competitive lever for both the company itself and the entire country system, because it increases the degree of credibility, trust and openness to the market,” says Giuseppe T. T., CEO of Global Solar Fund, “the legality Rating will give further transparency and visibility to our companies ‘ market.”

GSF has been pursuing, for years and with conviction, the implementation of a model of business management oriented towards the transparency of its stakeholders. The last stage of this route is the publication of the Sustainability Report, in which the company represents the awareness of its role in terms of environmental impact, the contribution to social welfare and cultural growth, in addition to the goals achieved and the challenges that await him.