The future of renewables in Italy

There are more than 2,500 patented inventions in Italy in the field of energy efficiency and saving and renewables. Four Italian provinces protagonists of over 60% of all patents in the sector (Milan (41.6%), 13.3% in Rome and 8.2% in Turin and Bologna)
The picture emerges from an elaboration of the Milan Chamber of Commerce on UIMB data (Italian Patent and Trademark Office)
There are those who patent equipment that exploits the calm waters of lakes and dams. There are those who exploit the wind but also the sewage, urban waste or the passage of vehicles on the roads. There are those who recover, who transforms and who perfects, because “The future of renewables also passes from the ability of these sources to be able to meet industrial, commercial and environmental needs” Our company is convinced that in recent years has invested a lot in research and innovation.
Drones for the thermography of solar panels, collaboration with the University of Tor Vergata for projects to improve the performance of the panels, SCADA system for predictive failure analysis, participation in the project PAN (Puglia Active Network) for 4G connectivity of the systems and the advanced management of malfunctions. These are just some of the results of our research into advanced technologies. Smart inverters, real-time energy management systems, new materials that increase energy efficiency are all aspects that drive the growth of renewable energy and that drive companies, cities and institutions to prefer clean energy over fossil fuels. “Clean energy is not an alternative technology, it is the main source of a new generation, so 2018 promises to be a decisive year for the transition to renewables”.