Monitoring: Innovation starts from the software

Monitoring is a key activity to guarantee the maximum productivity of the plants and to avoid important economic losses due to possible failures not managed in correct times. In This sense we are equipped with remote control systems effective and diffused on the plants and a “monitoring Room” dedicated to the installed power. Thanks to our system tools we are now able to monitor both the generation of energy and eventual anomalies of the assets and therefore be able to start the necessary corrective actions to be more and more performing. In 2016, approximately 23,000 O&M interventions were carried out, covering 18% of the DC components, for 39% of the alternating current components and for the remaining 30% specific operations for the tracker and SCADA technology (supervisory Control And Data Acquisition). All with 100% recovery.

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In order to distinguish ourselves in the secondary market of Operations & Maintenance and in the management of photovoltaic assets, responding promptly to market changes, it was necessary to update our “button room” with a technology even more Advanced.

The new instrumentation allows us now the real-time visualization of the main operating parameters of the plants and an efficient and effective management of alarms and reporting. Thanks to its versatility, the monitoring system can interact with all the devices in the field equipped with a communication card with Modbus protocol, International standard protocol for Web interface, centralizing all the information and making them Available remotely in real time. With a simple access to our dedicated portal it is possible to have always under control the performance of its park facilities and simplify the work of technicians and managers.