Kick-off of the local community development project: “Sustainable, Collaborative and Innovative Capri – Scic”

Saturday, October 20 at the International Multipurpose Center in Via Sella Orta 3, Capri, was held the conference of presentation and launching of the project –   Scic-Sustainable Collaborative and Innovative Capri- a path of construction of a public policy agenda for the Local development of communities of the island of Capri.
The event saw the participation of many personalities from the world of institutions, research and academia, national and local entrepreneurship, large operators and investors in the field of national and international infrastructures.
Moderated by Prof. Christian Iaione, co-scientific director of Labgov. City, the conference opened with the traditional moment of institutional greetings, during which the local authorities intervened and to follow the research group of Labgov. City (start up of students and Young researchers Luiss) who presented the results of preliminary empirical analysis to research carried out on field in Capri, in the first months of research.
The rector of Luiss Guido Carli, Prof. Andrea Prencipe, has defined the path and the activity of the start-up a “engaged research with the real world”, that is “guided by real problems” that offers that can be pursued academically. ”
Prencipe also stressed the importance of investing in heritage and infrastructure, where traditional “connecting peoples” and digital ones “are complementary to the traditional and important to amplify their reach” and to do so “not Becoming limited by tradition

Three panels have confronted experts and institutional representatives at national and European level with testimonies on the important contribution that infrastructures can make to sustainability and innovation in the economic system. Among the interventions that of the CEO of Global Solar Fund, Giuseppe Tammaro, who clarified that on the subject of investment in infrastructure “there is” need for investments with a long-term vision, being these investments anelastic “and the fundamental point is The sharing of vision among the players involved (including the local communities), which will ensure the realization of the projects.

Tammaro also recalled that in Capri there are factors that can guarantee almost total autonomy from the energy point of view, stressing that in the field of infrastructures “there is no other way than renewable, not to leave a world very Future generations “and that Capri can become a leader and reference model in this field.