Innovation: Thermography is made from the sky

GSF is confirmed at the forefront in the management of the systems also in the thermal analysis of solar panels thanks to the use of drones by air. The ultrasound activity has been developed for now as a test on plants for 13 MW trackers between Brindisi and Lecce. The analysis allows to have detailed reports on the results of surveys and to monitor the efficiency of photovoltaic panels, identifying possible defects on which to intervene such as breakage, dirt, degeneration the hot spots, with The goal of getting a productivity recovery. For the ultrasound inspection the activity has employed the drone Esamotore ITA Y6 particularly suitable for the photographic inspections of large plants. It is a very sturdy and versatile machine, equipped with autopilot and last generation inertial platform, able to run automatic flight programs up to a maximum of 50 points of interest. The flight operations were conducted by professional pilots with Enac license, the National Civil Aviation Authority.