GSF supplies Enel Green Power with components of PV inverter

GSF has recently won a tender organized by Enel Green Power for the supply of Ceprano (Frosinone – Center of Italy) PV plant inverter’s components. The inverter, a fundamental electronic device for the electricity operation, will thus ensure optimal performances of the plant. An important result for GSF, which has certainly helped the company’s proven record of accomplishment in the FV sector that enabled it to meet the specific requirements of Enel Green Power. The tender, publicly organized, was attended by several companies accredited as suppliers of Enel Green Power. This is not the only opportunity for GSF in Operations and Maintenance (O&M), the area that includes the various activities of asset management and maintenance. The company, in a phase of particular ferment, is gradually exploring with growing interest the potential in this area, focussing in providing quality components and in O&M service management’s tenders