GSF Changes Home

GSF Change Home: New headquarters at the ancient port of Brindisi

GSF has transferred its offices in Brindisi to Viale Regina Margherita 13, in a historic building overlooking the marina, in the heart of the city. The interiors were recovered with a work of renovation that saw the investment of important economic resources, with the aim of restoring the palace to the architectural splendor of the waterfront and offering employees a functional space and Comfortable.

"The new headquarters in GSF is not only the place where our engineers work to produce clean energy from renewable sources every day, but it is also a space where sustainability, innovation and development meet," says Giuseppe T. T. GSF.

"We have chosen to move in the historical center, in a place near the historical Roman columns, to confirm also symbolically our presence and our commitment to the territory," says the manager.

GSF in Puglia pursues a model of development consisting of long-term investments for the maintenance, the management, the efficiency and the safety of the plants, thus creating an important local induced on the productive-economic level. The transfer to the heart of Brindisi will further develop this "exchange" with the territory, opening it also to initiatives of artistic, sporting and cultural nature, enhancing talents and local events.