Rome Innovation Summit 2019

Future of the labour market, megatrends, strategies and exemplary cases of innovation “open and disruptive”: these are the themes at the center of the first edition of the Rome Innovation Summit

On April 17 in Rome Manager of Enel, Global Solar Fund, IBM, Vodafone, State Railways, Giffoni next to new players in the fields fintech, digital health, sustainability, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual reality and the “star” International Disruptive HR Lucy Adams, will discuss success stories, models and innovation strategies globally.

What will be the future of the Organization and the research of the work? What employment and career paths await us in the era of the tech economy? What are the most disruptive megatrends and people management strategies that are characterizing the virtuous companies around the world to grab the best talents and stay in the saddle on the market? What is the relationship between these new models, investment in innovation, especially addressing the major global challenges of demographic growth and climate change, and business outcomes?

These Are the questions that will open the first edition of the Rome Innovation Summit scheduled in Rome on April 17 at the Auditorium Via Veneto, and promoted by Rome Business School, Institute of managerial training based in the Capital but active on a global scale with Students from all over the world. Enel, IBM, Vodafone, State Railways, Giffoni, Disruptive HR are just some of the great realities that next to new generation companies in the field of finance, exponential technologies, sustainability and services will make Rome, for a whole Day, the protagonist of innovation applied to every professional field.
The Summit, chaired by the founder of Rome Business School, Antonio Ragusa, will be held in English. In the morning, from 9 a.m., there is a training workshop aimed at the world of human Resources held by the international expert of Caliber Lucy Adams, former HR director of BBC News and founder of “Disruptive HR“. It will Face the megatrends that are characterizing the world of work, with some case histories of virtuous enterprises and innovative strategies, starting from the model “EACH”-Employees as Adults, Consumers and Humans “.

From 1430, Will kick off the session in theme “Open Innovation” moderated by journalists Valentina Lo Surdo (Rai Radio 3) and Pier Luigi Spada (Rai TV 3) that will focus on some excellent stories of innovation on a global scale and will see the participation of:

  • Fabrizio Renzi,-Director of Innovation and Research at IBM, global technological innovation giant
  • Riccardo Maria Monti – Director of Strategy and Corporate Development Triboo S.p.A., is the only Italian company that holds all the certifications to operate on the three main Chinese digital platforms: WeChat, Alibaba and Baidu
  • Marco Gazzino-Head of Innovation Enel X, leader in the field of technological transformation in the energy sector.
  • Giuseppe Tammaro-CEO Global Solar Fund, Italian company in the field of renewable energy produced by photovoltaic plants.
  • Claudio Zamboni-Former Google and co-founder of Datrix Group innovative data-driven fintech company that will talk about Alternative Date
  • Valentino Megale-CEO & co-Founder Softcare Studios, a Healthcare company that uses augmented Reality applied for therapeutic purposes and supports paediatric medical treatments
  • Franco Boots-Head of Innovation State Railways, the main national operator of rail transport
  • Michela Michilli – Head of Active Space Open Innovation Hub Lazio Innova, the regional antenna of the EUROPEAN programmes for innovation through analysis, the conception of cooperation projects and the implementation of services and activities for the benefit of the system Innovative Latium.
  • Federica Vaccari-Digital PMO Manager Vodafone, one of the leading telecom operators in Italy
  • Andrea Geremicca-CMO of Impactscool, young and in very strong growth that provides training to students and companies on innovation, exponential technologies, artificial Intelligence, Blockchain
  • Antonino Saccà-CEO & Founder Haphaestus Venture focused on Italian companies of Fintech, eHealth, Telcos, smart mobility Energia.
  • Alfredo Adamo – CEO Alan Advantage, a global consultancy in business advisory and open innovation that will address the combination of ART and artificial intelligence: when humanity encounters science and technology
  • Luca Tesauro-CEO & Founder of Giffoni Innovation Hub that realizes strategies and formats of digital, social and cultural innovation.


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