Earth Day: the world day of the earth

Our energy is clean, sustainable, widespread, stimulates innovation and local wealth,
that produced by us contributes to the reduction of CO2 for about 112,000 tons a year.
To hope for a future full of “positive” energy on 22 April, there will be one billion people in 193 countries to say NO to pollution and to stop the depletion of non-renewable resources.
Earth Day is the world day of the earth, the greatest environmental manifestation of the planet, the only moment in which everyone promotes its safeguard.
If CO2 emissions are not reduced by the end of this century, the global temperature of the planet will rise by 4.5 degrees centigrade with disastrous effects on our ecosystem: the Mediterranean alone risks losing half of the animal species. According to the WWF, Italy can reduce emissions by closing coal plants by 2025, but it also depends on our daily choices: from the use of electric cars to induction cookers, from sustainable fabrics to food consumption. season, domestic electrification would allow local emissions to be canceled.
A possible scenario considering that the main sources of pollution are, in addition to industry, heating and transport.
Can we feed with the sun, the wind and the water?
Can we one day stop digging the earth altogether?
Can we contribute to safeguarding the planet?
This is GSF: asking bold questions, tackling big problems and innovating to solve them. Our Sustainability Report highlights ambitions and underlines the results achieved.
We remain focused, we still have a long way to go and a lot to learn. Sustainability is an integral part of our mission and renewable energy is the solution that combines industrial production and the planet’s wellbeing. “Knowing how to do” is not enough, we need to “make it known” that a long-term vision is necessary and Earth Day is the affirmation of a generation that looks to a future free from fossil fuel energy, in favor of renewable sources and an educational system inspired by environmental issues.
Reflectors therefore focused on our initiatives, which are good for the earth, to let us know which side we are with conviction and awareness.