Thinking actions carry the world forward. The institutional video of GSF

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The history of man is marked by his inventions: creativity and knowledge affect the past, the present and the future. The institutional video of GSF, realized by the 3d-Vision, wants to be a hymn to the brave in different disciplines, a metaphor of clean energy, of the “sun inside”, of the revolutionary ideas, small and large, of a company that, with its “doing”, contributes to the Change, not through a path, but according to one’s own vision, its own strategy, its own creed, to improve the world.
GSF is a thinking company, whose fundamental ingredients are the critical spirit, ethics, open-mindedness, the ability to believe in a better world and see it in a different way from how it appears to us. Progress and innovation, in fact, pass through great men and groups of people, often judged by contemporaries as visionaries and revolutionaries. An innovation not only in terms of technology: Men’s thoughts are true innovation!
In our “video-manifesto” The History of Man is marked by his inventions and this shows us how the creativity and knowledge of mankind affect the past, the present and the future of men and all the creatures that inhabit our planet. Our audiovisual narrative illustrates the brave “I think”
That, in the most diverse disciplines, have brought us so far, with a special attention to the eco-inventions that are already redesigning our future.