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It takes on average only 6 hours from the moment when a problem is identified to the time it is solved.

Thanks to our Control Room, we can ensure a constant monitoring of the plants and thus intervene promptly in case of any anomaly or failure.

State-of-the-art tools

Every day a detailed report on:
  • Plant production
  • Comparative Performance Assessment
  • Description of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work
  • Ticketing system and real-time monitoring of on-site interventions
  • Data analysis for preventative identification of anomalies and performance cuts
  • Maximized plants performance and increase production
  • Real-time O&M coordination and management activities
  • Daily supervision and verification of the correct operation of more than 3,200 biaxial trackers
  • Performance calculation (PR and Availability) over the desired time interval
-94% OF THEFTS IN 2016 vs. 2017

your trustworthy partner

An operator that thinks like an owner

We strive to become trusted and long-term partners in providing O&M and Asset Management services to third parties. To this end, we provide customer with our know-how to maximize the photovoltaic energy production, guaranteeing its reliability throughout its life cycle.

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GSF boasts a 700 sqm warehouse with a wide range of spare parts ready for delivery

Plant maintenance

We can offer the following maintenance services:
  • Visual checks and periodic maintenance interventions of all system components
  • Daily system check with “on-site” inspections
  • Preventive and / or scheduled ordinary maintenance operations
  • Cleaning of module surfaces according to manufacturer specifications
  • Maintenance of the plant green
  • Calibration of weather cells and solarimeters
  • Calibration on field of the main electromechanical devices (interface and general protections)
  • Thermographic analysis on panels and main electromechanical equipment (also with drones)

The service is managed by a team of highly specialized technicians who are oriented to troubleshooting failures in a short time. This know-how enables us to guarantee a correct restoration of the plant operating conditions and to reduce yield losses and production losses to a minimum.

The constant and prompt availability of “core” and strategic spare parts, allows us to face any intervention on time, assuring efficiency and minimization of production losses.

Our warehouse is in the industrial pole of Brindisi, in a central position with respect to the location of most of the plants installed in Apulia.

In 2017, we achieved a 94% reduction in thefts compared to 2015, thanks to the collaboration with partners specialized in providing security services on photovoltaic systems.
The service includes:

  • Control of security systems and CCTV
  • Plant supervision 24h/365gg
Not only maintenance, also management of technical and administrative practices

Asset Management

Our service includess:
  • Administrative practices
  • Relations with institutions
  • Warranty, insurances, and claims
  • Legal support
  • Support for financial management