Technology and Photovoltaics: Two research projects together with the University of Tor Vergata

The future of renewables also passes from the ability of these sources to be able to respond to industrial, commercial and environmental needs. We are convinced of our company, one of the main leaders in the photovoltaic sector, which has just started with two important centres linked to the University of Tor Vergata a research project in the field of photovoltaic technologies.
There are two main areas on which the investment of the Global Solar Fund will be valued, which with a strong presence in Puglia, and in particular in the province of Brindisi, contributes with well 223 GWh per year to the national production of Italian electricity with CO2 savings of ca 112,000 tonnes.
The first study will be developed by CHOSE-Centre for Hybrid and Organic Solar Energy and will focus on the identification of the most promising solutions in terms of “coating” methodologies for the optimisation of thermal exchange between photovoltaic panel and External environment with the aim of making the photovoltaic panels more efficient.
The Center for power Electronics and Electric drives (C-PED) will deal instead with the study of devices for the contrast of the phenomenon called PID (Potential induced degradation), or the progressive loss of power, and consequently of Energy produced, typical of many photovoltaic systems. A phenomenon that is being recorded with increasing frequency in recent years and which can lower by much (it is estimated up to 70% less) The yield of some panels. “Technological development in renewable sources is a giant step and it is essential to support it in order to maintain in full performance installations of electricity production otherwise destined for inoperability”, says Pierluigi Gramaglia, director Technician of global Solar Fund, which adds “to these technical considerations, we sum the satisfaction of the global Solar Fund to have contributed to the support, throughout the 2017, of two projects capable of involving a nurturing and talented team of researchers Italians and to improve the efficiency of our plants in the province of Brindisi.

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