Safety at work

April 2017

Safety at work: Health and safety in the foreground with certification OHSAS 18001

Global Solar Fund has achieved certification OHSAS 18001 (acronym that stands for Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) for the management of health and safety of workers.
Certification according to the British Standard, ensures compliance with the requirements of proper health and safety at work and will enable Global Solar Fund to identify danger situations, assess risks, manage emergencies and prevent Even better accidents and injuries, improving organization and performance in the workplace.

Global Solar Fund manages 180 plants for the production of electricity from solar source, mainly located in Puglia: It is essential that the plants are not only efficient and performing from a technical point of view, but that they are also managed according to the most High standards of safety and reliability for those who work there, whether they are direct employees or suppliers.

What benefits does this standard offer more than exactly?
The system focuses on risk control factors through a management system that identifies and evaluates the possibility of accidents/injuries in the workplace (near misses). The objectives in more concrete terms result in a gradual reduction in the number of accidents and injuries through the prevention and control of workplaces classified at risk, as well as a reduction in economic losses from Production interruptions for accidents.

Not only security: the improvement of management quality is also at the heart of the Global Solar Fund strategy. All the group Companies (SPV) have in fact obtained in 2016 the certification of the quality Management system according to ISO 9001:2015 and by the summer of 2017 the objective is to obtain also the ISO 14001:2015 certification, relating to the system of Environmental management.

The certifications obtained so far attest to the daily commitment of the Global Solar Fund to produce clean energy from renewable sources in respect of the quality, health and safety of workers and the environment, thus reinforcing the relationship of confidence with the territories in which it is present.