New Health and Safety Management System in Workplaces

GSF implements the Workplace Health and Safety Management System under the new ISO 45001 standard to replace OHSAS BS standards by 2021.

The path that GSF has taken to obtain certifications, however not mandatory, has further strengthened the effectiveness of accident prevention that has always been the focus of attention in the company.

And it is precisely in this perspective that GSF, confirming its attitude towards excellence, transforms prevention from generic activity to added value, anticipating the timetable for transit to the new ISO 45001 standard, promoting the culture of security adopting a virtuous system that ensures compliance with international standards.

GSF does not share the still-widespread view that compliance with the regulatory obligation is intended as a cost and/or an obstacle: implementing an organisational system based on the correct management of health and safety at work is instead the best guarantee that an employer can provide for informed management of operational issues.