The history of man is marked by his inventions, and this shows us how creativity and knowledge of humanity affect the past, the present and the future not only of ourselves, but of all the creatures that inhabit our planet. GSF is part of this progress! A company that, with its “doing”, contributes to change not through a traced path but according to its own vision, its strategy, its belief, to improve the world.

**Sápere aude; litt.: “dare to know!”, also translatable with “have the courage to know!” is a Latin exhortation, the earliest attestation of which can be traced back to Horace. The poet offers several tips, including the invitation to “be wise” by dedicating himself to honest studies and occupations. The expression has become famous thanks to the German philosopher Immanuel Kant, which makes it the motto of Enlightenment.

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Global Solar Fund (GSF) is an Italian company operating in the sector of renewable energy produced by photovoltaic plants.

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Among the first operators in Italy for power installed capacity.

We produce 248 GWh a year from our 175 plants. About 80% of our 660.000 panels are installed on particularly sophisticated solar technological structures, the so-called biaxial trackers.

Operations & Maintenance

Speed of action and reaction to ensure maximum performance.

Our technological know-how, solid organization and our continuous training of highly specialized employees enable us to achieve excellent levels of productivity and reliability of the plants.

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Projects & Ideas

Looking for new solutions to meet market needs.

We help accelerate the sunset of the coal era by dedicating much of our activities to innovation.

Sustainability Report 2017

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"People’s thoughts are the real innovation."