First floor: GSF and Vodafone to improve the safety of the plants and to reduce CO2 emissions

As part of the PAN-Puglia Active Network project, GSF has created a technologically advanced infrastructure in partnership with Vodafone for 4g connectivity, with the result of accelerating the regional spread of the latest mobile network coverage Generation guaranteeing, at the same time, an evolved management of failures through flows of increasingly rapid information on the ‘ health status ‘ of the plants. To date the structures of GSF with 4g connectivity are 106 and soon the coverage will be extended to other installations.
PAN-Puglia Active Network is a project
of e-Distribution supported by the European Community and the Ministry of the Environment and the protection of the Territory and the sea. The project aims at the creation of an intelligent energy network and an innovative management of the distribution of electricity throughout the southern region. These innovations will have an important impact on the environment, leading to lower carbon dioxide emissions and limiting the need to build new cabins and lines. GSF could not be part of this project.