Corporate Art Awards 2017: The art behind training and managerial training

As part of the business culture Week, a national event promoted by Confindustria, in collaboration with Museimpresa, which now has more than ten editions, GSF is applying to the 2017 Corporate Art Awards. The awards are designed to identify, enhance and promote excellence in collaborations between the world of business and art at an international level. It is also based on the principle that art represents the highest recognition of a company’s social commitment. If a company is actively involved in the art world, it means that it already has an effective organisation to successfully manage profitability and ethical, environmental and social issues. GSF has been nominated in the category “Art at the base of training and managerial training” presenting the paintings made during a company event with the formula of the Paint building © of Multiholistic, or a team building that uses the expression Art to unleash the creative energy of the group. During the event all GSF employees, divided into teams, designed and painted 4 works by Vincent Van Gogh in a collective way, using palette, colors, brushes and canvas. The awareness of the common goal, the development of relationships and collaboration, have generated amazing results. The works were: wheat field with cypress trees; Willows at dusk, olive trees; Seascape at Saintes Maries. The project of Paint Building © has been included in the gallery of the participants of the Corporate Art Awards together with that of Italian and international companies.
The “Social Media Art Award” will be awarded to the project that will receive the largest number of likes by the date of November 15.

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In the case of promoting the initiative through social media, it is necessary to mention @CorpArtAwards and @pptArt on Twitter and #pptArt on Facebook and Linkedin.

The initiative is carried out with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Goods and Cultural activities and tourism and the LIUSS Business School, as well as the support of Confindustria, Museimpresa, ALES and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.