GSF joins the ELIS Consortium: the Academy of the Sun is born

Global Solar Fund, together with the largest companies in the photovoltaic sector, joins the ELIS consortium, a non-profit educational company that caters to young people, professionals and businesses to respond to the school-work gap.

This is how the Academy of the Sun was born, a training project sponsored by Future Electricity and aimed at transmitting the skills necessary to work as future technicians maintainers/installers of photovoltaic systems. The technical training course is divided into 5 months of full-time lessons followed by 4/6 months of internship in the company. The specific technical content aimed at enhancing the talents, characteristics and aspirations of each participant, are developed in close collaboration with partner companies through classroom lessons and laboratory exercises. GSF contributes concretely to the professional specialization of young people who are in disadvantaged conditions, enhancing their talent and participating in the design, teaching and professional integration of students at the end of the course.

“We are proud to contribute to professional growth and to enhance the talent of young future technicians” – commented Mauro Folcarelli, Chief Operating Officer of GSF, who proposed, and will exhibit in the classroom, the “Work Experience on monitoring implemented on GSF systems”

“Every day we manage about 2,800 solar trackers, which allow us to produce more than 20% more than plants with technology without tracking, – continues – and annually we exceed 20,000 interventions on site. In this context, we firmly believe that operational excellence cannot be separated from training, sharing best practices, digitization and, of course, passion for their work that we always expect from every collaborator.

Specifically, the module will cover: the operation of the GSF monitoring system, the main equipment, the maintenance processes (ticketing management) as well as an overview of the main technologies installed on the GSF systems.

 “We will share our experience with young technicians to understand the importance of knowing the monitoring system at your disposal, as a privileged guide for the interventions to be carried out, the added value of a ticketing system for management O&M’s co-ordinated and effective, the opportunity to write detailed reports to add value to the company’s work experience and the need to always operate safely by performing their duties in accordance with the company’s procedures as well as with the attention and diligence,“concludes Mauro Folcarelli.

The specialist lessons, in fact, will be taught directly by companies that transfer the skills, skills and experiences useful to enter the world of work.

The Sun Academy is a program aimed at graduates between the ages of 18 and 30, with an aptitude for using electronic instrumentation and good manual logical learning skills. Non-graduates with experience in the electrical sector are also allowed.

The program is sponsored and promoted by the major players of Italian photovoltaics.