GSF celebrates the “Day of Energy Saving”

Today, February 23, GSF celebrates the “Day of Energy Saving” adhering to the 14th edition of “M’illumino di meno”, the campaign in favour of energy saving and environmental sustainability promoted by the radio broadcast Caterpillar aired on Rai Radio2. GSF supports the historical initiative by promoting an environmental communication campaign to raise awareness among employees on the importance of small daily behaviors to reduce the damage of climate change. #turnoffoffthelight #energysaving #climatechange

The decalogue fo “M’illumino di meno” for energy saving and for a sustainable lifestyle

1. Turn off the lights when they don’t serve.
2. Switch off and do not leave electronic equipment on standby.
3. Defrost the refrigerator frequently; Keep the coil clean and spaced away from the wall so that it can circulate the air.
4. Put the lid on the cookware when you boil the water and always avoid that the flame is wider than the bottom of the pot.
5. If you get too hot lower the radiators instead of opening the windows.
6. Reduce the drafts of filling fixtures of material that does not let air pass.
7. Use the curtains to create gaps in front of the glass, the fixtures, the outer doors.
8. Do not leave curtains closed in front of the radiators.
9. Insert special insulating and reflective films between the external walls and the radiators.
10. Use the car as little as possible, share it with those who make the same trip. Use your bicycle to travel around the city.

#turnoffoffthelight #energysaving #climatechange